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DISCOVERY: The first step in an epic journey


What brings you here?

Accessing creativity

Unlock and build your creativity to serve the areas of life you most value.

Everyone is creative. Everyone. How will you access your creativity and put it to its best use?

Career development

Unlock potential and become the change maker and leader you’ve always wanted to be. 

The world is evolving. Why settle for anything less than what’s serving your future?

Self Investment

Unlock and unblock what’s holding you back from being who you want to be. 

It’s time to acknowledge and put aside all life lessons we’ve been taught. It’s time to write your own. 


What My clients are saying ...

_33A4788 - Jill Gaskell

Jill Gaskell

Change Communications cONSULTANT

“In a world where suddenly everyone is a coach, Jon truly stands out as a real gem. From the supportive space he creates to the insightful reflections he offers, I always feel challenged in the most thought-provoking, inspiring yet pragmatic way. As a result, in my first six sessions, I experienced more lightbulb moments than I could ever have expected and was boosted so much further towards my goals than I dreamed possible. This coach is a keeper and one I hope to work with for a long time to come.”

Clare Potter


“I feel very privileged to have had this experience with Jon. It has led, to some profound shifts for me and allowed me to connect with a source of my own (and a larger) creative power. So I feel empowered.

Also, it was fun! It was beautiful. It was deep work and is still working its thing.”

Kate Mercer - Artworks Cymru profile - Katie Mercer

Kate Mercer

Artist in the community

The sense of empowerment I got from these sessions was palpable from early on. Jon helped me to frame situations I was experiencing, but had not been able to articulate how or why I was struggling with them. This coaching experience gave me confidence to listen to my instincts in a space that was free from professional scrutiny – it created a space where I felt brave enough to fail, yet still encouraged to grow.

IMG_0579 - Emily Poole

Emily Poole

Freelance Performer & Creative practitioner

“The coaching experience with Jon has been such a rewarding and encouraging one! Jon has been amazing at providing thought provoking challenges but also helping me to understand and explore these ideas. He creates an open, safe, friendly and positive space for discussion leaving me with a sense of motivation and encouragement after each session to really develop and grow as a person and as a practitioner within the theatre industry.”


Jon Dafydd-Kidd

I collaborate with passionate creatives, change makers and executives to re-imagine and thrive in a fast paced and ever changing, post pandemic world.  

I coach because I believe in supporting you to do the thinking that helps you challenge traditional expectations and to become more resilient as the impact of the pandemic and other political shifts continue to unfold. 

As well as being a trained Transformational  Coach, I also hold over a decade’s experience as a theatre maker, creative producer and inclusion champion. I bring creativity to my coaching, serving you in a way that is most useful to you. 

I am currently working towards obtaining ACC credentialing from the International Coach Federation.

Coaching or Mentoring?

It's important to understand the difference: Coaching or Mentoring.

At its core, Coaching is a non-directive, collaboration between coach and client. A creative conversation. A thought provoking dialogue.

It is entirely focused on you and your needs and goals. Clients become empowered in courageous choices about all aspects of life. It shifts the way clients view themselves, as well as other people and their environment.

Mentoring is a relationship between two people or a group. The goal: professional and personal development.

The “mentor” is usually an experienced individual who shares knowledge, experience, and advice with the “mentee/s”.

Discovery Sessions are free 45 minute sessions. They are a chance to explore the chemistry between us, explore areas of development and ways of working.
Coaching is collaborative - you're not alone.

Ready to Discover?

How I Work ...

One-to-one Coaching & Mentoring
A series of one-to-one conversations focused entirely on you. A great space to explore the future and challenge what's holding you back.
The Kick-Start Series
A series of single or limited workshops to kick-start one element of your life.
Creative Business Mastermind
8 Creatives and 8 Entrepreneurs/Leaders co-create and support development for all over a 12 month programme. Includes residencies.
Team Coaching
An opportunity to create real change, unity and understanding as you move into your organisations future.
Group Coaching & Mentoring
Bespoke opportunities to promote understanding and goal growth.

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