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This is where your journey isn’t just acknowledged; it’s celebrated with every fibre of your being!

Here is all about sparking that inner fire to empower you to dive deep into self-exploration, ramp up your motivation, and embrace the winds of change with open arms.

Let’s Get Dynamic!

Think of life coaching with as your boost button. It’s where dreams get clearer, goals get bolder, and you? You get unstoppable. Whether it’s carving out a career that screams ‘you’, finding your creative groove, or living out loud in full colour, I am here to fuel that journey.

What will you gain from Coaching? 

Coaching and Mentoring are typically a series of one-on-one creative conversations focused entirely on you. Both focus on your future and challenge what’s holding you back. 

In a snapshot?

Coaching is a non-directive, collaboration between you and a coach. A coach usually won’t tell you what to do. 

Mentoring is a more directive relationship between two people. A mentor might offer suggestions based on their own experiences.

Delve a little deep: 

I’m all about transformative coaching. It mixes the best bits from different coaching styles to help with all sorts of goals.

But, what exactly is Transformative Coaching?

Think of transformative coaching as a more well-rounded way of coaching. Instead of just focusing on performance and achieving goals, it looks at the whole person – their thoughts, feelings, senses, and relationships. It’s about understanding you fully, beyond just the surface.

This approach helps uncover deeper insights, enabling people to make big, positive changes in their lives. It breaks down barriers and opens up new possibilities for achieving what they really want.

It is also crucial to understand this is a partnership, focused entirely on you. 

A Transformative Approach

This is really more of a philosophy or way of doing things. It’s focusing on the you, drawing from a variety of approaches to meet your unique needs, and supporting you to develop personal accountability. 

There are 5 elements that seamlessly connect:

  1. Experiential: We will start by deeply exploring what your experience of life is really like.
  2. Psychological: We will look at both the inner and outer you, understanding your beliefs, values, and the patterns that shape your life.
  3. Humanistic: We begin with the believe you’re already whole and have everything you need to make changes.
  4. Systemic and Holistic: We recognise that you’re part of bigger systems that affect, challenge and support you, and hold the impact of that.
  5. Integrative: We blend ideas from many different areas of coaching to find the best route of change for you.

It’s all about helping you understand yourself better and making lasting changes in your life.

NLP is often called the “user’s manual for your mind,” which is a fancy way of saying it helps us learn how our thinking shapes our lives.

NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is a bit like a toolbox that comes from mixing ideas from science and more out-there fields. It’s designed to be easy for anyone to use, to make things better, support your well-being, and spark change.

Breaking it down, NLP teaches us how our brain deals with the words we choose and how this affects everything from our past to our future. It’s like having a playbook for understanding people and learning from both the good and the bad. The bottom line? Change is totally doable. You just need to understand why it’s important to you, and be open to trying new ways of interacting with your thoughts and the people around you.

Mentoring, usually, takes a more hands-on, directive approach to your advancement. Traditionally, mentors were those in a new role, learn the ropes.

A mentor will generally have more knowledge, skills, and experience in their particular field than the person they are mentoring, and they share this wisdom openly. With me, this might include;

  • Theatre
  • Theatre Management
  • Facilitation
  • Community Development 
  • Access, Inclusion and Diversity (inc. LGBTQ+)
  • Self-employment

Mentors may also help their mentee develop key industry contacts, identify specific helpful resources, and explore areas of focus.

The critical thing here is that you are expecting greater context specific experience, knowledge, guidance and advice from a mentor. There is also a clear, if sometimes informal, sense of authority in a mentoring relationship.

What is a Discovery Chat? 

A Discovery Chat is 30 minute opporunity to meet each other, get clear on how we might work together, and make sure we are a good match. You’d don’t need to prepare anything; just find a quite space, bring a cuppa and note pad. 

Best of all? They are free

How many sessions should I have? And how often?

The number of session and frequency will depend on what your focus is, and the depth you want to go to.

Many of my clients opt for a block number of sessions over a fixed time. 

How much does coaching cost? 

It depends on how you want to work.
Jumpstart your adventure with flexible options designed to fit your life and your outcomes:

Dive deep into your potential with a purposefully crafted support package. 

45-60 min Sessions:

  • £85 for 6 or less
  • £75 for 7 or more

90-120 min Sessions: 

  • £130 for 6 or less
  • £120 for 7 or more

Keep the momentum going and create growth with significant, lasting impact with direct access to coaching.

What’s the investment? 

  • £112 per calendar month 
    (minimum 6 months contract)

What’s included? 

  • 2 x 45 minute online sessions per paymnet month
    (sessions do not roll over)
  • Post session Reflection and Accountability framework
  • Check ins between sessions via support app.
The Great News!
If you would like any additional Coaching Sessions during a Coaching Month, you can book these on demand and receive a 50% discount standard rates (listed in the Crafted for You section above).

Coaching can be transformative.


Coaching sessions can be anything from £50 – £130. For many, this creates a barrier to accessing support. But I believe money shouldn’t limit people creating change.

With the continual increase to the cost of living, many cannot afford to invest in themselves or their own development. Noone is more or less deserving, and we need to support each other.

People who currently experience money as a barrier to accessing coaching support can apply to make a withdrawal from The Coaching Bank

For each deposit made, I will match the deposit with the equivalent of my time (eg. £25 deposited becomes £50 = 1 x 45 minute session).

If you are in the position to enable others in their journey of growth and would like to contribute to The Coaching Bank and support others you can do so here:

Everyone deserves a shot at their dreams.

If you would like to make a withdrawal from The Coaching Bank, fill in this simple form, and we’ll be in touch to discuss your needs. 

When demand is high or the balance is low, please be aware priority will be given to those who experience marginalisation and/or additional systemic barriers. 

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