Coaching & Mentoring


are Coaching and Mentoring?


Coaching & Mentoring are a series of focused conversations that support you creating the
change you want in your life.
Coaching is a non-directive .
Mentors often share their knowledge and/or experiences.

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is Coaching and/or Mentoring for?


Coaching & Mentoring are strong tools
for you when you're ready to create change.
I work with Creatives, Change Makers and
Executives from a variety of contexts.

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Coaching and/or Mentoring?


Sometimes we get stuck - everyone does!
Both create self-accountability, and moving forward.
Transformational Coaching also helps you
understand and remove blocks.

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can Coaching and/or Mentoring happen?


Sessions can take place online or in person.
The important thing is that you need to feel comfortable and without distraction.

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can Coaching and/or Mentoring happen?


You'll get a unique booking link to choose
the time that is right for you.
Sessions work best if you have no distractions,
and can really focus.

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Coaching and Mentoring are typically a series of one-on-one conversations focused entirely on you. Both focus on your future and challenge what’s holding you back. 
That said, there is no single way, and we might also dip into a collection of tools support some creative thinking and discovering choice. 

What’s the difference between Coaching and Mentoring? 
Coaching is a non-directive, collaboration between you and a coach. It’s a creative and thought provoking conversation.

It is focused on you, your needs and goals. You can become empowered in all aspects of life through bold transformations. It shifts views of self, others and environments.

Mentoring is a more directive relationship between two people.

The “mentor” is experienced & shares knowledge, experience, and advice with the ‘mentee’.

SarahLongfield_highres-16 - Sarah Longfield
I would wholeheartedly recommend JDK. He held the space so effectively, allowing me to really explore where I'm at and gain clarity on where I want to go. I didn't go to Jon to solve a problem, but to enhance, enliven and reinvigorate my life and work. This happened and then some!
Sarah Longfield
Jain pic - Jain Boon
Jon's gentle provocations and insightful coaching practice provided a much needed stepping off point in which to explore where I am right now as a practitioner. Jon works alongside, and as my collaborator he supported me to unlock something so fundamental to my purpose and passion which in turn has enabled me to view myself in a kinder, more compassionate way.
Jain Boon
Theatre Maker & Co Artistic Director of thisPLACE
SarahGower.crop - Sarah Tombs
The coaching greatly exceeded any expectations I may have had, I looked forward to each session, the time flew by and as a result I feel more focused and energised in my work. I’d like to say a big thank you to Jon, our coach and to the group participants- its been an amazing experience.
Sarah Tombs
Sculptor, University Lecturer, Gallery Educator

What is a Discovery Chat? 
A Discovery Chat is short gentle conversation to explore our match. We probably will start thinking about how and where in your life you’d like me to support you. 

How many sessions should I have? And how often?
The number of session and frequency will depend on what you’re bringing to coaching. We are all different, and so each coaching package is bespoke. 

You might have a single session, longer coaching session when you have something very specific to work on. This is also great when you’ve had a break after a block of sessions; like an MOT. 

Most clients prefer to block book a number of sessions over a period of time. Working this way always them to be supported and accountable whilst they are doing the work. 

How much does coaching cost? 
Because each package is bespoke, there is no set pricing. 
I don’t believe pricing should be prohibitive and welcome conversations to ensure access to coaching. 

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