The Kick-Start Series


is the Kick-Start Series?


The Kick-Start Series are one-off sessions.
Each month has a different focus to help you kick-start development or thinking. The Kick-Start Series are usually group sessions.


is the Kick-Start Series for?


Everyone who is ready to begin shifting their thinking to create positive impact in their lives.
These are one-off sessions, and support the start of a journey.


join a Kick-Start session?


Kick-Start sessions are usually one-off, isolated sessions. Not everyone has time, the need or want for longer interventions. These sessions are great ways to begin thinking about challenges, or first steps towards goals.


does the Kick-Start Series happen?


Each month there is a unique style of Kick-Start opportunity.
Some are groups sessions, some are individual. Check the upcoming sessions in the space opposite for dates, times and booking information.


does the Kick-Start Series happen?


Most Kick-Start sessions take place online.

_33A4788 - Jill Gaskell
In a world where suddenly everyone is a coach, Jon truly stands out as a real gem. From the supportive space he creates to the insightful reflections he offers, I always feel challenged in the most thought-provoking, inspiring yet pragmatic way. As a result, in my first six sessions, I experienced more lightbulb moments than I could ever have expected and was boosted so much further towards my goals than I dreamed possible. This coach is a keeper and one I hope to work with for a long time to come.
Jill Gaskell
Huw Gosling Monkey3 - clare potter
I feel very privileged to have had this experience with Jon. It has led, to some profound shifts for me and allowed me to connect with a source of my own (and a larger) creative power. So I feel empowered. Also, it was fun! It was beautiful. It was deep work and is still working its thing.
Clare Potter
Kate Mercer - Artworks Cymru profile - Katie Mercer
The sense of empowerment I got from these sessions was palpable from early on. Jon helped me to frame situations I was experiencing, but had not been able to articulate how or why I was struggling with them. This coaching experience gave me confidence to listen to my instincts in a space that was free from professional scrutiny – it created a space where I felt brave enough to fail, yet still encouraged to grow.
Kate Mercer
IMG_0579 - Emily Poole
The coaching experience with Jon has been such a rewarding and encouraging one! Jon has been amazing at providing thought provoking challenges but also helping me to understand and explore these ideas. He creates an open, safe, friendly and positive space for discussion leaving me with a sense of motivation and encouragement after each session to really develop and grow as a person and as a practitioner within the theatre industry.
Emily Poole

The Kick-Start series is a set of one-off or isolated online group sessions. They happen on the second Thursday of every month, and are designed to support you in kick-starting your development and thinking around specific focus areas of your life.

Check out the upcoming sessions bellow, and register for your place now. 

May 12th
This is when you get to take a breath and gain some clarity. You will;
- create a snap shot of where you're at
- create clarity of where you're headed
- develop a toolkit of bitesize shifts to create progression.
May 12th
June 9th
Valuing Values
This is when you get a check in with your values. You'll explore;
- what your values are at this point in time
- how in-line with them you are
- connect with the shifts you want to make.
June 9th
July 14th
Who is in Control?
This is when you evaluate the decision making process in your life. You will;  start to explore why you make the choices you do create clarity around shifts you need to make begin to create a decision making process that works for you.
July 14th
August 11th
Not-Resolutions '22
This is when you begin to explore why your confidence. You will; 
- start to understand your current sphere of confidence - gain perspective - create a strategy to begin building your confidence.
August 11th